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Nationality Checking Service

The Nationality Checking Service (NCS) is a partnership between the Home Office Nationality Group and a number of local councils in England and Wales. 

The participating councils will offer an optional service to those applicants who wish to take advantage of it. For a fee, the designated councils will check that applications for British nationality are completed correctly and have been submitted with all the necessary supporting documents such as passports, certificates and proof of English proficiency.

The completed applications will then be forwarded to the Home Office by special delivery post. Applications of this type can be dealt with, on average, more quickly than those that are not properly completed. Those using the service will be able to keep their passports and other important documents rather than send them to the Home Office.

Applicants must satisfy 3 main criteria. They must have: an appropriate residential qualification dependent on the section of the Immigration Act under which they are applying, 
have been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom must have proficiency in English Language and members of the EEA Communities must have a Permanent Residence Card (PRC)

If you require further information you can telephone the Nationality Checking Service on:0300 303 2472

Do all local authorities provide this service?

No. It is up to the individual council to decide whether to provide the service. If you live in an area where the council does not provide the checking service you can submit your application through any participating local authority.

The checking service works on an appointment only basis. You need to book an appointment by contacting our Nationality Checking Service Team. When booking your appointment you will be asked for your Life in the UK test ID number to verify that the test has been taken and passed. When you come in for your appointment, our staff will ensure you have completed your application form properly for British Nationality and carry out the following checks:

- Staff will check that you have paid the required fee to the Home Office and the fees are made payable to "The Accounting Officer Home Office" in cheque or credit card formats.

- Staff will ensure that all the necessary accompanying documents have been enclosed.

- We will photocopy your passports, travel documents and any other documents that the Home Office requested you to supply and certify that they are true copies.

- We will send your completed application, certified photocopies of your passports and all other required valuable document with a proof of proficiency in English Language along with the fees to the Home Office.

- We will return your passports and other documents that you supplied with the exception of the Certificate of English Language, which is a requirement by the Home Office. The Home Office insist on the original being supplied. Remember, your passports will be returned to you so that you have peace of mind and therefore not restrained from travelling whilst your application is being processed.

The Home Office deals with every application according to individual circumstances and factors. Completed and accurate applications will on average be processed more quickly than those that are incomplete, inaccurate or do not have the appropriate supporting documentation. 
The Nationality Checking service we offer ensures applications are completed correctly, are accurate and supported by all the documents required by the Home Office.

We are able to offer information regarding the Nationality Checking Service, but cannot offer advice regarding individual citizenship cases or specific circumstances. Advice or information can be found by:

- contacting your local citizens advice bureau

- calling the Home Office Enquiries Bureau Helpdesk on: 0300 123 2253

- visiting the home office website at:

To use the Nationality Checking Service please contact us at: 

Cumbria Registration Service
Nationality Checking Service
The Register Office 
Lady Gillford's House
Petteril Bank Road 

Tel: 0300 303 2472 

The opening hours for the Nationality Checking Service team in Cumbria are: 9.00am to 4.30pm - Monday to Friday.

You can also download an application form from the home office website:


Please Click Here for a list of current fees

The members of staff involved with the Nationality Checking Service in Cumbria are registered with the Office of the Immigration service Commissioner, an independent body established by the government to control and regulate the service.

Unfortunately things can go wrong from time to time. When they do we want to try to put them right quickly. In the first instance please speak to the Local Manager at the office that you have being dealing with about any problems. They will try to resolve any issues or problems. However, if they are unable to sort the matter to your satisfaction please write, with as much information as is possible about your complaint, to the Manager of the Registration Service:

Mrs Louise McKenna

Cumbria Registration Service

Lady Gillfords House

Petteril Bank Road

Carlisle CA1 3AJ

Except in difficult cases you will receive a reply to your complaint within three working days. When this is not possible we will write explaining why and advise you of the action being taken, and in most cases will get a full response within ten working days.

Alternatively, you can write to the governing body at:
Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner
5th Floor
21 Bloomsbury Street