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General Pregnancy Topics

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Just because the father isnít carrying the baby, doesnít mean that his role is any less important. The more supportive a father can be (mentally and practically), the more they are able to share what the mother is going through. Itís an emotional time for both involved, especially if itís their first child.

Existing Health Problems

Pregnancy can put enormous strain on the body. Any existing health problems before conception may need careful monitoring during the nine months that follow. The general health of a woman before she becomes pregnant can have an impact on the babyís well-being and development.

Maternity Leave And Employment Rights

No matter how long they have worked for an employer, mothers are entitled to 52 weeks maternity leave. This consists of 26 weeks ordinary maternity leave and 26 weeks additional maternity leave. They also have certain rights during their leave and can request the employer provides flexible working arrangements on their return to work


It pays to seek advice regarding the benefits a mother is entitled to when becoming pregnant. For example, prescriptions are free while pregnant and for the following 12 months after a childís birth. Advice can be sought at the Jobcentre, Citizenís Advice Bureau, Library and other advice centres that can be found in the yellow pages.