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Learning Improvement Service - Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education

Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education - SACRE

Cumbria SACRE was established in the mid-1980s.  Its aims are to support high quality teaching and learning in RE and thoughtful, reflective experiences in collective worship.

A SACRE consists of four committees each representing a different group or 'constituency':

Committee A: Christian denominations (other than the Church of England) and other faiths

Committee B: Church of England

Committee C: Teacher Associations

Committee D: Local Authority (LA)

In addition SACRE can co-opt members who have a particular interest and /or specific expertise in RE.  Co-opted members do not have voting rights.

Each of the four committees has equal voting rights: one vote per group.  Decisions within a group about how that vote is to be cast do not require unanimity.  Each committee has to regulate its own proceedings. Therefore, on those occasions where a formal vote is necessary each committee has one vote. 

SACRE Functions:

Section 391 of the 1996 Education Act requires every Local Authority (LA) in England and Wales to constitute a Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) with the following functions and duties:

1.       to advise the LA on matters connected with collective worship in community schools and the RE to be given in accordance with the Agreed Syllabus. This includes particular methods of teaching, the choice of materials and the provision for the training of teachers

2.       to require the LA to review its current Agreed Syllabus

3.       to determine (following an application made by the headteacher of any community or foundation school) whether it is appropriate for the requirement for collective worship to be broadly Christian should not apply in the case of that school or for some of the pupils in that school

4.       to publish an annual report on its work which should:

  • specify any matters on which it has advised the LA

  • broadly describe the nature of that advice on any matters which were not referred to it in the first place by the LA.


Within its statutory responsibilities SACRE is concerned to support and enhance the provision of RE within Cumbrian schools where the Agreed Syllabus is in use.  It encourages the provision of high quality in-service training for those whose responsibility it is to deliver RE.

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Key documents

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folder iconSACRE
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3/04/2013 734k
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8/08/2014 1439k
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21/01/2015 86k
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9/03/2016 122k
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16/06/2017 722k
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29/06/2017 3466k
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29/06/2017 1048k
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29/06/2017 117k
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29/06/2017 1320k

SACRE minutes

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21/11/2017 159k
24/08/2017 161k
20/04/2017 131k
23/11/2016 93k
20/07/2016 91k

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General Adviser/Clerk to SACRE

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